Indian Version Advertisement/trailer Featuring Dynamo, Kronten, And Jonathan Teases PUBG Mobile

– PUBG Corporation announced on Thursday that they had plans to carry PUBG Mobile back to India.
– Today, on social media, PUBG Mobile India posted several short trailers for the Indian version.

The title will soon make a comeback in the world, as every PUBG Mobile fan and player is probably aware by now. PUBG Corporation announced on Thursday that it was preparing for the release of a special version of the game for the Indian audience. Some modifications, including the green hit effect and a function to limit game time, would be included.

On cloud nine, this announcement left the players.

There were also mentions of an advertisement a few days back featuring several famous PUBG Mobile figures being shot for the return of the game.

PUBG Mobile Ban Recap

For the uninitiated, in September, PUBG Mobile was among the 118 Chinese applications prohibited under Section 69A by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. Fans and players have hoped for the return of the championship since its suspension and had their fingers crossed. It does not seem to be too far that day.

Indian Variants Of The PUBG Mobile Ad Featuring Dynamo, Kronten, And Jonathan

Today, on its latest official Facebook page, PUBG Mobile India posted several clips of the Indian version teaser featuring Dynamo, Kronten, and Jonathan.

Look at the clips teasing the game’s arrival below:

#1 Dynamo

#2 Jonathan

#3 Kronten

The clips don’t explain the exact date of the return of the game in the region, but it’s certainly the day for fans and players. Now they are even more excited about the return of the title.

PUBG Company Is Aggressively Investing In The Indian Mobile PUBG Scene

In its Thursday announcement, PUBG Corp confirmed that it would only invest for the Indian area in setting up sports ligaments. It also opens a regional office and hires more than 100 staff, with an investment of 100 million dollars being revealed.

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