Tips: How Payments Can Be Made By WhatsApp

In collaboration with the Indian National Corporations (NPCI), WhatsApp recently launched the WhatsApp Pay services to acquire other UPI services, including Google Pay, Phone Pe and Paytm. Of the 400 million users, however, 20 million users will be able to use this feature.


– Users of WhatsApp will connect their banking accounts from the chat window to the WhatsApp Pay services.
– Users have to pick a bank and check their contact number by selecting the payment option.
– If users do not have WhatsApp Pay, they may request a payment message from someone with this feature.

WhatsApp launched recently WhatsApp Pay for users to make payments through chats inside the app. The UPI support software can be used to transfer money to someone from the chat itself. In collaboration with the Indian National Corporation (NPCI), WhatsApp last month implemented payment services. WhatsApp Pay is however, only available to 20 million WhatsApp users, even with a 400-milion user base in the region. In a press release, NPCI said no third-party programme that is a UPI payment system is authorized to perform over 30% of all UPI transactions. WhatsApp Pay is included. For the three months preceding the transaction, the transaction volume will be calculated rollingly and the rule is valid as of 1 January 2021.

Users who have already received the payment feature will use the following feature to make WhatsApp Payment:

– Open WhatsApp
– Open the chat where you want the payment to be made.
– Select the attachment icon
– Select the Payment option
– You will see the list of banks
– Pick the bank you wish to connect your account to
– WhatsApp will ask users via SMS to check their phone number.
– Users can select the bank account to which they wish to connect to WhatsApp Pay once their numbers are checked.
– You’re given a ‘Full Payment notification — You can now send WhatsApp payments. Open a chat and type the link icon to begin sending.’

Users must note that the person who sends money needs WhatsApp Pay on their phones as well. If users don’t, they can ask someone to notify them by WhatsApp Pay. WhatsApp notifies the sender once the beneficiaries are ready to receive the money, while the recipients receive payment notification from the touch. WhatsApp will then order your payment account to be set up. Once the recipient clicks on the Set-Up function, a payment account can be created on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp now has carts for company accounts from WhatsApp. WhatsApp is designed to make shopping easier for users and support online companies via chats. Users can browse a catalogue, pick a variety of items and transfer the order to the business through carts as a single message.

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