How Government Agencies Recover Deleted Data And Private WhatsApp Chats Despite ‘End-To-End Encryption’

Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s mysterious death case has recently ignited a debate across multiple spectrums, such as nepotism, drug nexus in the film industry, and the role of social media and other messaging channels in the fiasco.

Since the cell phones of Rhea Chakraborty and others have been cloned by the central investigation agencies CBI, ED and NCB, several WhatsApp film star chats have made the headlines. Thus, numerous questions about the security of WhatsApp chats have been raised by the general public.

People have begun to wonder how, considering End-To-End Encryption, the third party (NCB in this case) would retrieve the film stars’ deleted data and WhatsApp chats?

Not even WhatsApp can access chats’: WhatsApp Spokesperson

WhatsApp provides end-to – end encryption in its chats for its users, which ensures that the messages are only available to the sender and the receiver, and no third party, not even WhatsApp, can access them.

A clarification was provided by WhatsApp that the messages are always secured with end-to – end encryption. “WhatsApp Speaker said in a statement released on Thursday,” Only you and the person you connect with can read what is sent, and no one in between can access it, not even WhatsApp.

“WhatsApp follows the guidelines provided for on-device storage by operating system manufacturers and encourages people to take advantage of all operating system security features, such as strong passwords or biometric IDs, to prevent third parties from accessing content stored on the device,” said the messaging network, as quoted by IANS.

How Do Govt Investigating Agencies Access Deleted WhatsApp Chats?

It should be noted that WhatsApp End-to – End Encryption does not secure the media and message back-up on Google Drive or any other cloud services. And that is why deleted or encrypted WhatsApp chats can be easily accessed by organisations such as CBI or NCB.

In addition, agencies use sophisticated software systems to clone all the details on a separate cell phone from your mobile phone. This is essentially a cloning or imaging call, in which all your phone’s data can be copied to another device.

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