How can I utilise Snapchat’s My AI? What is it?

A chatbot called My AI is currently accessible to Snapchat users. My AI can help you organise a hiking trip for a long weekend, provide recommendations on the ideal gift for your BFF’s birthday, and even provide dining suggestions during a chat discussion.

While we continuously strive to enhance and develop My AI, it’s likely that some of its responses will contain biassed, inaccurate, dangerous, or misleading information. Because My AI is a constantly growing feature, you should never disclose important or secret information and should always independently verify any responses given by My AI before acting on them.

While we continue to train My AI, Snapchat users may quickly provide feedback to our team by long tapping on any response from the feature. OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology powers my AI, which also has extra safety features and restrictions that are specific to Snapchat. We think that when AI is used to create content, it should be transparent. Please let people know that My AI was used in the creation of any content you share with them.

How much time is stored about my interactions?

Until you delete it, all content shared with My AI is kept.

How are my data deleted?

Within 24 hours, you can delete messages submitted to My AI in your chat. You can also remove previously shared content from My AI by doing the following:

  • Tap your Profile icon and tap ⚙️ to go to Settings
  • Scroll down to “Privacy Controls”
  • Tap ‘Clear Data’
  • Tap ‘Clear My AI Data’ and confirm


  • Tap your Profile icon and tap ⚙️ to go to Settings
  • Scroll down to “Account Actions”
  • Tap ‘Clear My AI Data,’ and confirm

What should I avoid doing with my AI?

Use My AI to create content that is not political, sexual, harassing, or deceptive, spam, malware, or that encourages violence, self-harm, human trafficking, or would otherwise be against our Community Guidelines. Additionally, you ought to refrain from giving My AI access to private or delicate information.

What information is sent to My AI, and how is it put to use?

Your location will be used by My AI to give pertinent and helpful answers to your requests, including recommendations for local places, if you have disclosed your location with Snapchat. Additionally, Snap may utilise your information to enhance its offerings and tailor all aspects of your experience, including adverts.

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