Hop Shoots, A Bihar Farmer’s Vegetable, Cooks Up A Storm. Do You Know Why?

After an IAS agent tweeted a two-photo collage and wrote: “One kilograph of that vegetable cost about 1 lakh! Hop Shoos, a vegetable grown at a farmer in Bihar, cooks in a storm. Amresh Singh, the first Indian farmer from Bihar, is grown as a costliest vegetable in the world. For Indian farmers can be a game changer. Soonafter the “shop shoots,” many people tweetered about the green conical vegetables on social media.

What are hop shoots, exactly?

The hop vine, also known as humulus lupulus, is a perennial. Hop shoots, which are native to North America and Europe, were once considered to be weeds before their properties were discovered. Hop shoots have “antibacterial effects,” according to the website, and are used for “bittering,”‘flavoring,” and as a “stability agent in beer.”

Why do hop shoots cost so much?

According to an article on, harvesting hop shoots is “completely back-breaking,” which explains the high price. The weed-like tendrils grow in a haphazard manner, and one must “hunch”, “hunt around,” and they are so “small,” that hundreds are needed to fill a carrier bag.”

When cooked, the hop’s leaves take on a kale-like quality, according to the same article. The London Hop Shoot Festival, for example, is a festival dedicated to the hop shoot.

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