Flipkart Is Looking For Students For A 45-day Paid Internship Program Before Big Million Day

  • The 45-day Launchpad internship programme seeks to help them learn essential supply chain management skills.
  • The software was designed to shape the future workforce of India in various main supply chain positions, Flipkart said.

Flipkart has begun its paying internship programme for students from Tier II cities and beyond in anticipation of the much anticipated Big Billion Day sale. Students from 21 different locations around the country will have an opportunity to participate in the supply chain of the famous e-commerce site.

The 45-day Launchpad internship programme aims to help students learn essential supply chain management skills and build an ecosystem of qualified professionals for the e-commerce industry, Flipkart said.

Launchpad is designed to introduce students to work in the supply chain of Flipkart and to help them understand the processes that shape the e-commerce backbone. “The programme will form the future workforce of India in different critical supply chain positions, which will help in the long term to build an ecosystem of well-skilled, well-trained, and qualified professionals,” Flipkart said in a statement.

In this rapidly changing external scenario, the e-commerce platform listed, this exposure helps students develop long-term resilience and agility in their activities while upskilling them.

In 21 locations, including Binola (Haryana), Bhiwandi (Maharashtra), Uluberia and Dankuni (West Bengal) and Malur (Karnataka), Medchal (Telangana) and many more, Flipkart works with educational institutes to recognise worthy students and engage the selected students in its fulfilment centres.

The students will be trained in different aspects of supply chain management, Flipkart said, while adopting strict practises that prioritise their health and safety. Until accessing the buildings, thermal scanning would be mandatory. On their tablets, the interns must have the Aarogya Setu app.

Amitesh Jha, Senior Vice-President, Flipkart, said, “Flipkart is always at the forefront of sharing information and creating a professional workforce ecosystem for India’s fast-growing e-commerce industry.” Last year, Flipkart launched the Launchpad internship programme to provide students with hands-on experience working in a state-of-the-art modern supply chain and inculcate the requisite skills to succeed.

“During the upcoming festive season, we are confident of providing our interns with an exciting and interactive work experience that will help create further interest in the supply chain,” added Jha.

Walmart-owned Flipkart said earlier that before the festive season and its Major Billion Days sale, it will help generate over 70,000 direct and lakhs of indirect seasonal jobs in the country. In preparation for their festive sales, Flipkart and its competitor Amazon announced last year the development of over 1.4 lakh temporary jobs across the supply chain, last-mile connectivity, and customer service.

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