‘Everything is Binod’: How one YouTube comment sparked the most bizarre meme trend

It all began with a video released by Slayy Point, a YouTube channel, where creators Abhyudaya and Gautami decided to explore the comment section in one of their videos. Their sarcastic acceptance of one such comment soon gave birth to a meme trend.

Although its hard to predict the next trend on Twitter, # Binod memes is the latest addition to the jokes bucket list. Some users have been perplexed by the new phenomenon, asking ‘who this viral Binod is,’ while others have wondered what the ‘real Binod must feel’ — the site is abuzz with funny photo captions and sarcastic jokes.

How did it start?

For the uninitiated, it all began with a video released by YouTube channel Slayy Point, where creators Abhyudaya and Gautami decided to explore the section of comments in one of their videos, dubbing it “garbage.” They showed their viewers the bizarre and vulgar comments left by YouTube users in the July 15 video tilted “Why Indian Comments Section is Garbage (BINOD),.” They saw a message from user Binod Tharu, who was just writing his name “Binod” under the photos, and they were very obviously puzzled by it.

Why are Binod memes trending?

The developers posed a lot of humorous scenarios when the answer to every question asked was just one: Binod. Eventually, many Indian YouTubers found that Binod was written all over their comments, and that soon became a platform phenomenon. This statement from their video, cut to August, has now attracted the attention of many desi meme-makers, so much so that hashtag Binod has become the top trend on Twitter.

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