Beautiful Android Homescreen Setup on Your Android Smartphone ! NEW EDITION

Create your own widgets for Android with Zooper Widget. This application allows you to customise the Home screen of your Android with your own widgets in a very simple manner.

In the first place you will have to choose the size of your widget. Zooper Widget allows you to create modules with several of these small utilities, it all depends on what you need. Then you can assign a functionality to each module: clock, calendar, battery meter, SD card information, Internet connection, data traffic

Features of Zooper Widget

  • Includes predefined templates.
  • Use different types of fonts. You can even import others.
  • WYSIWYG editor with a layer-based system.
  • You can customise every single element of your widget: texts, sizes, position, shapes…
  • Weather forecast for the following 5 days.
  • Low resource consumption.

Zooper Widget is without any doubt one of the best applications to customise the aspect of your phone or tablet. Gain distinction creating your own widgets. Download Zooper Widget free for Android and become part of the DIY movement.

Create your own widgets for Android with Zooper Widget. This application allows you to customise the Home screen of your Android with your own widgets in a very simple manner, technical firstpost

Minimal, classy, extremely customizable, and battery friendly “Do It Yourself” widget with almost limitless possibilities!t

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