Apply Online Procedure On For The Barishta Nagarika Tirtha Yatra Yojana in Odisha In 2023

Hindus travel for religious purposes on a regular basis. There are numerous sacred sites spread around the nation. However, making these pilgrimages is not cheap. Due to budgetary constraints, the majority of individuals are unable to take these vacations. The Baristha Nagarika Tirtha Yatra Yojana was launched by the state government of Odisha in order to provide financial and other assistance to the elderly. The state will plan religious travel for a limited group of senior citizens as part of the initiative.

Facts about Barishta Nagarika Tirtha Yatra

1 Scheme Name Barishta Nagarika Tirtha Yojana
2 Launched By Odisha Chief Minister Mr. Naveen Patnaik
3 Launched Date 25th of July 2016
4 Place of Launch Ganjam District
5 Eligibility for senior citizen to Join this Yojana Must be above 60 Years Old and must be a domicile of Odisha
6 Concession for BPL Pilgrims Pilgrims above 60 years from BPL families will get 100% concession
7 Concession for NON-BPL pilgrims who aged over 70 75% Concession
8 Facilities Vegetarian Meals along with drinking water, Accommodations, special travel kit, Travel Insurance and so
9 Who handles the complete tour package IRCTC

Launch details of the scheme

On July 25, 2016, the unique travel program was formally announced. The state’s chief minister, Naveen Patnaik, declared the program’s launch. The Odisha Tourism Department will carry out the scheme’s execution. The IRCTC will handle the operation of the entire trip. On the occasion of the scheme’s official introduction, state tourism minister Mr. Nitin Jawale was in the Ganjam District.

Key features of the scheme

  • Assisting in tour organization: It is difficult to plan a tour of this magnitude for a target audience. With the scheme’s adoption, the state will give the required financial support to carry out spiritual journeys for the state’s citizens.
  • Pilgrimage for senior citizens: The state will implement the pattern for individuals who are elderly and have passed a specific age threshold in accordance with the scheme’s standards. The trip will be open to any interested individuals who are 60 years of age or older.
  • Three trips per year: As of right now, it has been made clear that the state government would arrange three distinct trips for senior citizens. Every journey is intended for a distinct state and pilgrimage.
  • Starting points and the destinations: A train that leaves from the Berhampur station is scheduled to travel to South India, stopping at the sacred sites of Madurai and Rameswaram. Beginning in Bhubaneswar, the second train will travel to Varanasi and then on to Allahabad. From the Sambalpur station, the third train will depart for Haridwar and Rishikesh.
  • Duration and cost of the tour: The initial tour has a duration of nine days. The last voyage is anticipated to conclude on the eighth day following the start of the expedition, whereas the second one will take place over the course of six days. The candidates will need to pay a total of Rs. 18,000, Rs. 12,000, and Rs. 16,000 for each of the three trips.
  • IRCTC as the organization: IRCTC will handle all tour planning, with the exception of state authorities. It will handle making the reservations and covering the costs for the religious travel.
  • Total number of beneficiaries: It was claimed that a total of 1000 candidates will be selected by the state government to go on each of the tours. As a result, the state will annually offer about 3,000 individuals a chance.
  • Waiting list: The state agency in charge of choosing the candidates will also compile a list of waiting applicants in addition to the list of 1000 applicants. Those on the waiting list will have an opportunity to secure a spot if any of the chosen candidates withdraw.
  • Concessions for the applicants: < Senior residents will receive cash compensation, according to a declaration made by the state government to facilitate the application process. People who live above and below the poverty line each have a certain percentage./li>
  • Age and status related compensation: Candidates between the ages of 60 and 75 who possess a BPL certificate will receive a fully compensated journey to the pilgrimage. Applicants who do not have the certificate, are between the ages of 60 and 70, and do not file their taxes will have their fees reduced by 50%. Finally, those who are between the ages of 70 and 75 will be compensated at a rate of 75%.
  • Depositing the money in bank: Should any candidate have received a partial payment, the remaining funds must be made in the form of a demand draft at the bank. The Director of Tourism’s name must appear on the DD.
  • Attendants for very old candidates: Those who are between the ages of 70 and 75 may have an attendant accompany them. The form must be filled out appropriately by the attendees.
  • Tour opportunity for couples: Married candidates may travel with their spouses according to the way the program has been organized. The pair can submit their application in this instance using a single form.
  • Other travel expenses: Aside from eating, the IRCTC will handle all boarding costs, guide bookings, and tour vehicle charges; the state will cover its portion of the total costs.
  • Main travel by train: Since the Indian Railways chart all travel routes, trains would be the primary mode of transportation. The chosen candidates will be transported by rail routes in three trains that will depart for three distinct pilgrimage locations.
  • Travel bag by IRCTC: In addition to all the other perks, the IRCTC has continued to provide each passenger with a unique kit. This travel pack, which costs Rs. 700, comes with combs, ID cards, shampoo, soap, toothpaste, and brush.
  • Presence of a professional doctor on each train: The plan’s draft emphasizes that every train that transports senior persons would have a doctor on board who is qualified to handle any medical emergencies.

Eligibility criteria of the scheme

  • Residential criteria: It has been reported that the Odisha state government devised and designed the scheme. Therefore, the benefits outlined in the scheme will only be available to the region’s legal residents.
  • Age related criteria: The plan’s draft states that the only individuals who can apply for the program and receive financial support are those who are neither older than 60 nor older than 75.
  • Income related criteria: An additional characteristic of the program is that it was designed to support those who are financially disadvantaged. Seniors in the BPL group or those in the APL group who are not subject to the tax structure will therefore be able to take use of the benefits.
  • Fitness related criteria: The program stipulates that candidates must be in good physical condition to complete the trek. They won’t be chosen to get the scheme’s benefits if they have a serious health condition.
  • Cancellation procedure: Seven days prior to the trip’s actual date, any chosen applicant may remove their name from the list by notifying the appropriate authority.

Important documents required

  • Residential certificate: Since the program has been approved and will be funded by the Odisha state government, anyone who are interested must have the official documentation proving they are state residents.
  • Aadhar card: It is necessary to produce a photocopy of the Aadhar card. The code will help the government keep tabs on the status of applications and the quantity of participants in the program.
  • Age certificate: Each candidate must fulfill the age-specific requirements. Each candidate will therefore need to provide documentation proving they are older than 65. Their application will only be approved after that.
  • BPL certificate: Candidates that come into the BPL category will be eligible for further perks. Candidates must provide their BPL card in order to be eligible for those perks.
  • Income certificate: A legitimate income certificate must be presented by BPL and APL candidates. It will also be required to be produced by the pension holders. It will help the government substantiate its allegations that these candidates do not pay taxes.
  • Health care certificates: Due to the length of the journey, senior applicants must present a health certificate attesting to their level of physical fitness, which is required in order to begin the pilgrimage.
  • Emergency communication particulars: the government will contact the candidates’ families in the event of an accident. The candidates will need to submit proof of identity and family members’ contact information in order for it to be possible.

How to get application form

The application form can be obtained by any interested candidate from the District Magistrate’s office or the offices of the relevant tourism departments. Clicking to the Tourism Department’s official page can suffice if that seems too time-consuming. The link can be clicked.20% NagarikaYatra%20 Tirtha%20Yojna %20%20% Adopt%20%26 %TwentyForm.pdf is the file that can be accessed. It is available for download on the internet. The application must be manually completed and sent to the appropriate office.

How to apply for the scheme

  • Both online and offline ways are accessible to access the application form. The application form in PDF format can be accessed by candidates through the state’s authorized tourism department website.
  • The form needs to have the correct information manually filled in after it has been downloaded and printed off. The application won’t be sent for verification if the information is incorrect.
  • For ease of verification, any required papers or documents should be attached once all details have been carefully entered. The website will have the list available.
  • The completed form needs to be turned in to the local district’s tourist officer’s office. Following the completion of the verifications, the list of the chosen applicants will be made public.

Selection procedure

  • The appropriate departmental verifications will be completed after the applications are turned in to the District Tourist Officer’s office. A maximum of one thousand candidates will be given the chance to set out on each tour.
  • Following the deadline for submission, each application will be checked and scanned appropriately. The information will be forwarded to the RDC office once the special cell members have finished their preliminary verification.
  • The relevant District Collector will review the data and must submit the final suggestion to the RDC office once more. The final choice will be made as soon as the list is received by the office.
  • The IRCTC and the Tourism Department will get the lists of 1000 candidates and the 200 names on the waiting list. After then, it is released appropriately. To put the plan into action, the state government and the tourism department will collaborate closely.
  • All districts will be assigned a code by the tourism department, and the chosen candidates will receive registration numbers with that code on them. It will help with identity and verification.
  • The state administration will carry out more planning. The chosen candidates will receive information whenever the conditions are right for it, and the deadline will be announced.

Contact details

The program’s official website highlights every detail of this special plan. The details can be obtained by visiting The state’s tourism department is in charge of its upkeep. The necessary information can also be obtained by calling the following toll-free numbers: 0674-2432177, 2436596, 8260844859, 1800 208 1414. The program’s adoption has made it possible for Odisha’s elderly population to go to significant pilgrimage destinations on holy pilgrimages. Even low-income families would be able to visit these locations because of the compensation measures.

Latest update (17/4/2018)

By signaling the start of the sixth pilgrimage train service, the state’s chief minister formally launched the “Baristha Nagarika Tirtha Yatra Scheme.” Using video conferencing technology, the new launch was formally made from Sambalpur Railway Station to senior citizens. The government has set up a pilgrimage tour to Trimbakeshwar, Shridi, and Nasik for older residents under the new scheme.

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