A clean wallpaper app with beautiful wallpapers from Unsplash with no nonsense

Browse beautiful wallpapers from Unsplash in a minimal and beautiful user interface with no nonsense. Choose between the latest wallpaper, featured wallpapers, todays wallpaper or search for your perfect wallpaper.

Use the “Wallpaper of the Day” function to get a new beautiful wallpaper everyday, or explore the many beautiful wallpapers PaperSplash has to offer! When you find your perfect wallpaper, use the icon feature to preview icons above the wallpaper. Remember to adjust the brightness to match, so you get the best home screen you can get!

Don’t find your perfect wallpaper at the front of the app. Use the search function or sort images by categories to tailor the results to your liking. You can also sort wallpapers by colors if you want the wallpaper to match your icons, or for other reasons!

• Minimal Design
• No Ads or other Nonsense
• ‘Wallpaper of the Day’ section with a daily curated wallpapers
• ‘Featured’ section with high quality wallpapers
• ‘Search’ for your specific taste

• ‘Categories’ to sort wallpapers after your taste (Available in search menu)
• ‘Color categories’ to sort wallpapers after you color preference (Available in the search menu)
• Inspect Wallpaper with icons above before applying.

A clean wallpaper app with beautiful wallpapers from Unsplash with no nonsense!

• “Latest, Featured, Search and Categories” are powered by Unsplash.com.
• “Wallpapers of the Day” is a combination of different free image sources.

All images are free to use!

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