5 Android Games Similar To PUBG Mobile Lite That Are Under 200 Mb In Size (2021)

No 1. Blood Rivals Game

Blood Rivals Game is a first-person battle royale game in which you must try to murder all of your opponents and emerge as the lone survivor. You employ a massive arsenal of handguns, knives, shotguns, axes, and assault rifles to accomplish this. And that was all done in 10-minute rounds. Blood Rivals Game’s controls are normal for the genre, with the virtual joystick on the left and the action buttons on the right. One unique feature is the ability to perform massive jumps with a kind of jetpack. You can quickly climb to the tops of buildings, mountains, and other geographical features thanks to this.

Blood Rivals Game, like many other battle royale games, allows you to drive a variety of cars. Not only that, but you can also board a train that will make loops around the level, allowing you to rapidly go to any location on the map. However, take care not to get ran over. Blood Rivals Game is a first-person action game that you can play against bots or against other people online. Plus, as you win rounds and level up, you’ll be able to access a wealth of new material.

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No 2. Battle Royale Fire Prime War

Battle Royale Fire Prime is a free online multiplayer shooter game set in a post-apocalyptic environment. Forget about the limitations. Become a part of epic battles. Feel the adrenaline rush of a massive battleground in the desert. Play in new recording modes: Solo or Duo (yep, you can play online games with your buddies!). Create the most effective TPS tactics. In free shooting games, plan your attack, attack from structures, and survive.

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No 3. Fire Force: Shooting Survival

The Fire Force Game is a cyberpunk-themed battle royale. Play on a huge island with several biomes. A forest, a desert, and a metropolis with skyscrapers, for example. Be cautious; in addition to you, there are adversaries in the warzone who are on the lookout for you. Play alone, with a partner, or with a group. Use automobiles, hoverboards, or transports to go around. In this shot, plan for destruction.

Survival on an Island
Look for hidden loot boxes and more stronger weaponry, request assistance from the airdrop, and try to stay alive as long as possible. This isn’t the time to eat for free, build a fire, and leave!

Ultimates and the Post-Apocalyptic World
Use special skills like summoning a drone, an energy shield, a turret, or super speed if you smell fried food.

Play in squads
If you like to play in a group, then welcome to the same insane warriors’ team, where a strike team of four people awaits you. If you’re tired with warzone mode’s counter-attacks, try competing on 5 against 5 maps.

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No 4. Battle Royale 3D: Warrior63

Battle Royale 3D Game is precisely what its name implies: a battle royale in which up to 63 players compete on an island brimming with weapons and vehicles. And, of course, only one participant will live to tell the tale. The virtual movement stick and buttons to crouch and lay down are on the left side of the screen, while the buttons to shoot, reload, jump, and utilise the telescopic sight are on the right. The proper buttons will display when you can utilise a vehicle, open a door, or grasp an object.

Unlike other games in the genre, where up to 100 players can play and rounds last up to a half hour, Battle Royale 3D Game allows just 63 players to play and rounds last no more than 20 minutes. In addition, the setting is more intimate. As a result of this, you’ll usually be able to combat more foes in less time. Battle Royale 3D Game is an online action game with excellent graphics, precise controls, and a large player base. It’s an entertaining game that, while it doesn’t offer anything new, guarantees a fantastic battle royale experience.

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No 5. Free Survival Unknown Battle

Survival in a free environment The ultimate survival TPS shooting game for your smartphone is Unknown Battle Game. DOWNLOAD IT and enjoy a unique mobile gaming experience. The greatest single player battle royale games with strategic play, amazing visuals, and a diversified enjoyable experience.

Free Survival Unknow Battle Game is a shooter game set in a survival battleground. Survival in a free environment On your mobile device, you can play Fire Battle Royale: Survival Battleground Gun Shooting games. In the battle strike killer shooting game, you can play as a survivor combat shooter.

Play the best offline shooting game and become the best modern super shooter in FPS and TPS games.

This is a mobile-exclusive third-person battle royale shooter with innovative gameplay and the ability to play offline. As with all of the applications in this part, the player must live while eliminating all opponent forces.

The game begins when the player lands on a map with a limited number of vehicles, guns, and supplies. The player must manoeuvre about an open space while also locating and combating adversaries using all available ways.

The application contains relatively high-quality visuals and is easy to use. The game offers a flexible setting system that allows you to customise the character to your liking.

Arms and ammunition. Light and weaponry are provided in the game. Any rifle, machine gun, shotgun, or pistol can be pumped if necessary. You’ll need to utilise the in-game cash to accomplish this.

Characters are a type of character that appears in a storey. Players can unlock new characters as they go. There are numerous skins available, each of which differs not just in look but also in physical abilities.

Possibilities The player can enhance his character after spending the money.

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