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I hope everyone is doing well. In this article, I’m going to show you how to edit a stunning and popular Instagram video using the Capcut app and a few templates. If you want to do this, you’ll need to download the files I provided in the description. Open the template I provided from the link, then click the “Use Template” button on the cab card. Then, in the section below, there is a “Use” option, which you must click. Then, you must enter “Kept Application of the Dirt” before moving on to choose your photos. To do this, go to the “Photo Section,” then “Photo Album,” and then “Select Your Photos.”

So choose as many as 29 photos, but no more, from the list below. Once you’ve clicked that choice, your film is 50% complete. Then go to the text option, click it, and then substitute the text that you want to change. Introducing ladies and gentlemen is the text I’m replacing; you are welcome to substitute any other text you like.

If you want to select the option that ensures there is no watermark on the exported video, you must return and click the expert without watermark button in the software. You must then open the Caput application and click the new project. When you have finished editing the video and have muted the background noise, click the this song audio option and choose the audio file I provided. Then, when you are ready to finish the video, click the they are option. Texture Edit on Instagram New Instagram Trending





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