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It is a Battle Royale Action game for mobile devices called Raider SIX Apk. Indian gamers who like playing action games are the game’s target market. This action-packed game provides a wide variety of Indian characters in addition to immersing players in the captivating Indian battling setting. This game is the first of its sort to feature such elements, which is a noteworthy first for the genre. The old energy sources of the planet have run out in the year 2048, and a ferocious battle has broken out for control of Element U, a cutting-edge and sustainable energy source.

Area #6 contains the whole world’s supply of this Element, which is guarded there by beings. A fatal bioweapon attack on Area #6 leaves it in ruins and releases the Pandora Virus, which eventually mutates all of the soldiers and guardians. Since the fate of the universe now lies on your shoulders as a Raider, it is now your responsibility to loot Element U. If you wish to preserve the world, engage in valiant combat and have faith in your companions.

It’s crucial to conduct yourself responsibly when playing this battle royale game. Remind yourself that addiction is a serious issue and exercise self-control. Despite the possibility that you are in a fascinating dream realm, you should always remember that you are not there. When playing games, it’s crucial to keep in mind to frequently pause in order to keep your equilibrium. Keep your composure and your awareness.

Raider SIX Apk Features

  • Battle Royale with goals: You are only alive because you managed to harvest Element U, a priceless resource, on this dangerous battlefield. The most crucial thing for you to perform in this chaotic environment is to obtain as much Element U as you can while still managing to escape unharmed.
  • Innovative weapon systems include those that synthesize more powerful and complex weapons. As part of the weekly and monthly battle passes, get exclusive gun skins. Utilize special bombs to make your enemies dance or turn them into chickens.
  • The Revival function in RAIDER SIX allows you to resurrect yourself, thus losing your life on this dangerous battlefield does not mark the end of the game. Regain your strength so you can beat your adversary or get back at them!
  • The Trading System For The R6 Universe Is As Follows: Using the materials they bring out of Area #6, the players are free to buy or sell more resources on the underground market. This enables them to equip themselves more. Missing this chance will cost you the chance to master trading and command the battlefield.
  • Kill and tame monsters: You must first hunt and slay large monsters in order to obtain bonus Element U. Turn them into allies rather than enemies and wreck havoc on the Raiders that are battling you.
  • You can fight in a war by flying a helicopter, using tanks, or riding horses. Area #6 allows you to ride as much as you like.

Download Raider SIX Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

App Name Raider SIX (Apk)
Updated Jul 30, 2023
Current Version 1.0.17
Requires Android 5.0 and up
Offered By Starlight Gaming India Private Limited

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