OnePlus Nord launch price, specs and more – Everything we know about the upcoming affordable OnePlus smartphone

  • OnePlus Nord is shaping up to be one of the hyped-up midrange smartphones in recent history and there is a good reason for this.
  • One of the OnePlus Nord’s main selling points is its size, besides flagship-grade features including smooth, optical display image stabilization (OIS) for camera efficiency enhancement.
  • The launch of OnePlus Nord in India is set for 21 July.

The OnePlus Nord launch is around the corner and is taking shape to be a high-profile startup. OnePlus teases the Nord for weeks here, right here. We have sufficient information to get a good idea about what to do expect from OnePlus ‘s upcoming ‘affordable premium.’

The OnePlus Nord, initially rumored to be the OnePlus 8 Lite and later the OnePlus Z, is the Chinese company’s new line of smartphones. It fills in the gaps left by the flagship smartphones of OnePlus, which with each new iteration have become expensive.

What’s that about The OnePlus Nord?

The OnePlus Nord marks OnePlus’ return to the group of non-flagship smartphones, years after the OnePlus X launch in 2015.

In a (https:/ interview with
OnePlus co-founder of YouTuber MKBHD, Carl Pei, said mid-range smartphones were good enough to launch OnePlus
Telephone in this category, while providing the performance that
OnePlus is renowned for this.
The launch of OnePlus Nord in India is set for 21 July.

Cost for OnePlus Nord-how competitive will it be?

OnePlus Nord is branded as a ‘premium affordable’ smartphone, so the price will be a major point of sale. Although we have no specific price yet, OnePlus had previously
Confirmed the price will be $500 (approx. 37,500). If the history of OnePlus is something to go by, we expect Indian pricing to be even more dynamic

OnePlus Nord specs – the new mid-range killer

Despite their ‘affordable luxury’ smartphone branding, the next mid-range killer may very well be the OnePlus Nord.
765 G chipset which is supported by 5G. OnePlus blends this with up to 12 GB of RAM-something that is only found in smartphones of flagship grade.

On top of that, the OnePlus Nord is sport a 90Hz AMOLED monitor (https:/
Function which is rarely included in its group. In the last time, mid-range smartphones have become powerful enough. So output wasn’t a big issue for some years. Nevertheless,
OnePlus Nord may be a knot above other smartphones in the middle class, Despite how smooth it is known OnePlus smartphones are.

OnePlus Nord cameras-4 on the back, 2 on the front

The OnePlus Nord will have a total of six cameras-four on the back and two on the front. Around the back the Nord will be sporting a 48MP main camera that will cost more on the OnePlus 8. OnePlus also brings optical image stabilisation to the table, which is another attribute of flagship category. Certain cameras include an ultra-wide angle snapper, a macro and a depth Button. There are two cameras on the front and OnePlus claims that it will use artificial intelligence ( AI) to boost low-light shots.

The OnePlus Nord, in short, is shaping up to be an interesting handset. Over the past few years, the mid-range segment of smartphones has seen a lot of launches but not many have produced as much interest as the OnePlus Nord.

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