15 Must-Play Snapchat Games Right Now

Snapchat includes around 50 games to keep you entertained while using the app. Snapchat games are instantaneous and do not require you to download any additional apps because they are built on HTML 5. (unlike Netflix Games). We’ve compiled a list of the top Snapchat games you should attempt in 2022 and beyond, whether you’re bored or want to play with your best friends and loved ones.

Snapchat’s Best Games (January 2022)

On Snapchat, there are a plethora of games to help you pass the time and eliminate boredom, but we’ve hand-picked the top 20 games to play. Use the table below to sort through our list of popular Snapchat games, which is sorted from best to worst.

No 1: Flip the Egg Game

Flip an egg on a hot frying pan while doing tap’n’hold manoeuvres in the air to climb the scoreboard in Flip the Egg. It’s all about balancing major points while avoiding splattering. A fried egg is featured in Funday Factory’s first Snapchat collaboration. In Flip the Egg, players attempt to climb the leaderboard by completing daring manoeuvres in the air while balancing enormous points with the chance of falling face down on the slick frying pan. With millions of Snapchat users presently competing, simple one-finger tap’n’hold commands offer up the experience to players of all skill levels. As time goes on, more eggs with diverse themes, such as the Music or Kitty Eggon, become available to be shared with friends all around the world.

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No 2: Hex FRVR Game

Hex FRVR Game is a brand new method to solve puzzles! You’ve arrived at a hexagonal board where you must match the pieces in three directions! Are you willing to take on the challenge? Relax, the only purpose of this hexa block maze is for you to have a good time! There are no lives or levels, and you are free to play as often as you like! It’s a one-on-one competition for you and your puzzle-solving abilities.This logic game is simple to play yet challenging to master. Even the most seasoned jigsaw lover will find this unique hexagon puzzle board to be a logical challenge. Don’t bother about matching colours; simply fill all of the grids with hexagonal tiles and try to fit each piece into the appropriate blank. In this brain teaser puzzle with a twist, blast thousands of gem bricks. Play in a 10×10 hexa grid, or try a larger hex grid for a more difficult task!

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No 3: Subway Surfers Airtime Game

Subway Surfers Airtime is a Snapchat game that was created specifically to allow friends to engage. The game is played in the manner of a side-scrolling race, in which you and other players (up to ten) battle to see who can reach the finish line first. In the “Quick Play” option, you can enter an instant race, or you can compete with your friends in the “Challenge friends” mode. The game allows you to unlock up to 14 characters as a reward for your efforts.

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No 4: Om Nom Run Game

Om Nom Run Game is the latest instalment in the popular puzzle series about a green and always amusing character who enjoys sweets and other treats in the runners category. The protagonist and his new companion will be walking through the streets of a city where something significant and intriguing has occurred. It is vital to investigate the situation, rescue those who are in danger, punish those who are responsible, and gather jewels and sweets that have been strewn about. Of course, you will not be able to collide with obstructions or other solid and utterly unfriendly objects, which are many in front of you.

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No 5: Let’s Go Hoops! Game

Let’s Go Hoops game is a basketball game that most basketball lovers will like. The game allows you to compete against your friends, with the first player to score five goals winning the round. In the event that your buddies aren’t available, you can play the game versus random Snapchat users. You can buy dance moves for your Bitmoji, new hoops, and balls using the in-game crystals you earn by finishing rounds.

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No 6: AlphaBear Hustle Game

Do you prefer to play word games? The Snapchat game AlphaBear Hustle is ideal for you. In this game, you are given a series of scrambled letters on the board, and your goal is to make coherent phrases out of them. Aside from word construction, the game also allows you to create a hamlet with pine trees, trampolines, bears, and other features. This game, like the majority of the other great Snapchat games listed here, may be played solo or in competition with your Snapchat pals.

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No 7: Chess Quest Game

One of the classics, Chess, must be included in any list of games. If you’re a chess nerd who enjoys playing with your buddies, Chess Quest is the game for you. The game includes a variety of modes to keep you entertained, including ranked combat, master, and trainer. Chess Quest is a Snapchat game where you can play Chess while staying in touch with your friends via text or voice chat, whether you’re new to the game or an experienced player.

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No 8: Ludo Club Game

Ludo Club Game is a multiplayer online version of the classic board game that will not only diversify your leisure time but also provide you with a completely unique experience. You may not only have fun with your friends in the Ludo Club Game, but you can also work your way to the top of the best gamers’ rankings on your own until you become the King of Ludo Club. The fundamental recipe for the success of Ludo Club Game is its well-balanced gameplay, friendly atmosphere, and easy regulations of the game.

You will control colourful figurines, think like a cold-blooded strategist, and compete with players from all over the world in this board game, which has brief matches and gameplay based on a popular dice game. You can try your hand at fighting against tough AI offline, invite friends via Facebook or Whatsapp, and have a lot of fun and an exciting atmosphere in the Ludo Club Game.  

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No 9: Snake Squad Game

Snake Squad Game, like the popular Little Big Snake web game, is a game in which you play as a snake with the goal of collecting dots and surviving among other players. While it may appear goofy at first, once you get the hang of it, it becomes addictive. Make sure you don’t run into any players (snakes) who are much bigger than you.

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No 10: Cube Surfer Game

Cube Surfer is a fun skill game in which your goal is to travel as far as possible by surfing on cubes, but the cubes will vanish along the route. Check it out and see if you can beat all of the obstacles by putting your abilities and reflexes to the test. Each one is more challenging – and enjoyable – than the one before it. Your character begins the game by surfing on a small yellow cube, and your goal is to collect as many cubes as possible in order to build a large stack. You’ll come across walls of varied heights that you’ll have to surf over with the cubes along the route. Collect as many cubes as possible to keep surfing without hitting a wall.

Cube Surfer Game grows more harder as you progress through the levels. You’ll have to surf from one side to the other to avoid pillars and go long distances without crashing in the game’s many levels. Aim towards the lowest places to get the tallest stack of cubes while losing as few cubes as possible.
You can also gather purple orbs and swap them for cubes while playing thousands of games and browsing through various things. In the skill Cube Surfer Game, challenge yourself to reach farther and farther distances! In this exciting race, put your talents to the test and see if you can beat your previous high score.

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No 11: Super Snappy Bowling Game

Super Snappy Bowling Game is a 3D bowling game that allows you to compete against gamers from all around the world in entertaining online games. You can play Super Snappy Bowling Game in a variety of settings, including a regular bowling alley, a casino, the pyramids, and more. Furthermore, you have a choice of over ten bowling balls, which you may unlock as you win games. Super Snappy Bowling Game is as basic as you’d think for a game of this type: you choose how much spin and power to utilise when sending the ball down the lane with the tip of your finger. Whether or not you get a strike is determined by how effectively you perform.

Super Snappy Bowling Game doesn’t have a lot of game types, but it also doesn’t need them. The main game mode is a multiplayer option in which you compete against a human opponent in real time for points as you climb the world rankings. Super Snappy Bowling Game is a fantastic bowling game that allows you to compete against other human players whenever you want.

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No 12: Aquapark: Multiplayer Edition Game

Aqua Park is a racing game set in a theme park where your goal is to cross the finish line first. You’re also in charge of keeping on the track and not falling. If you’re feeling very nefarious, you can opt to collide with other players to force them off the track. Overall, Aqua Park is a fun Snapchat game that you can play with your friends to compete in.

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No 13: Zombie Rescue Squad Game

Zombie Rescue Squad is a game about rescuing survivors from a zombie-infested metropolis, as you might have guessed from the title. You can recover your health and obtain strong weaponry by collecting in-game goods. Once in range, the player will automatically fire zombies, so all you have to do is navigate your character efficiently to live. It’s also a good idea to stick close to survivors in order to get bonus points for rescuing them.

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No 14: Tiny Royale Game

Snapchat’s gaming platform, Snap Games, has officially debuted, and one of the first games on the platform is virtually certain to be a smash hit. Tiny Royale is a battle royale game available on Snapchat that can be played without ever leaving the app. What’s better than that? It’s actually rather enjoyable.

Snap Games are designed to be played directly from within Snapchat, from whatever conversation you’re having. Simply look for the rocket ship icon to the right of where you type your text, then choose the game you want to play from the dropdown list. You can continue talking and then jump into a game to play together without having to take your phone out of your pocket. It’s both straightforward and brilliant.

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No 15: Color Galaxy Game

Color Galaxy Game is a fun game in which you must drive around and conquer new regions. The game is simple; all you have to do is use the on-screen button to drive through new places and then return to your territory to expand the zone. While you’re doing it, keep in mind that you shouldn’t step on your own toes. Similarly, if you want to defeat your opponent, don’t cross their tracks.

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