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WhatsApp Tools | Check WhatsApp Status And Download Profile Picture | is a separate website that provides you with a detailed collection of helpful WhatsApp tools that can be useful in certain cases. WhatsApp has some limitations that can be a little irritating, which is why we are providing some simple solutions to popular problems for its users. For example, in you can easily download any WhatsApp user’s profile image, as long as their privacy settings allow it. You can also check very quickly at any time if a telephone number is connected to WhatsApp at that time, and receive updates when it connects. Or you can verify whether or not the phone number has been registered in WhatsApp before. And we are providing all of this for free.

It should be noted that is in no way associated with or aligned with the WhatsApp social network or its founder company, Facebook.

About WhatsApp

WhatsApp is free to download Mobile messaging software. WhatsApp sends messages , pictures, audio or video using the internet. However, the service is somewhat similar to text messaging systems, because WhatsApp uses the internet to send messages, the cost of using WhatsApp is considerably lower than texting. On your laptop, you can also use Whatsapp, just go to the Whatsapp website and download it to Mac or Windows. It’s popular among teenagers due to features such as group messaging, voice messages and location sharing.

WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, currently has 1 billion users around the world, and is the market ‘s largest instant messaging app. Established by ex-Yahoo employees in 2009, it began as a small startup and swelled to 250,000 users in just a few months, rising so quickly that they had to add a fee to use the service every year to slow down the subscription rate. WhatsApp was purchased from Facebook in 2014, and continued to expand, hitting the 1 billion mark in July 2017.

WhatsApp uses the cellular or Wi-Fi link on your phone to enable messaging and voice calling to almost everyone on the planet, alone or in a group, and is particularly good for families and small collaborative working groups. The app allows you to dial, send and receive messages, documents, photographs, and videos. WhatsApp is fully free — with no payments or premiums — since it uses the 4 G, 3 G , 2 G, EDGE, or Wi-Fi access of your phone instead of the voice minutes or text service of your cellular network. If you are linked via Wi-Fi it will also not eat in your data plan. His popularity is supported by his support for free calling around the world, even if the people chatting are not in the same region.

It is almost an insult to say WhatsApp is incredibly common. Just this year, Facebook (which owns WhatsApp) announced that WhatsApp has crossed 2 billion active users worldwide, and it’s fairly easy to see why.

The Messaging app allows you to call any WhatsApp user around the world via Wi-Fi, meaning you won’t get charged long distance, and your data won’t be used up. Plus, it’s available on Ios and iPhone, so you don’t have to think about what phones your friends and family have, so you can use WhatsApp for all your contact needs.

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WhatsApp Web is the best way to use whatsApp on the phone. You probably already knew that, but what we’ll tell you in this guide is a collection of tips , tricks and tools to get the most out of this programme when you use it to send and read messages on your PC.

WhatsApp Web was not a trailblazer. For decades, applications and programmes for interacting with friends were very popular with users. We have never been without a forum to chat with our contacts from the machine since the late 1990s, when Microsoft launched the now-defunct Messenger.

Nearly twenty years have passed since that groundbreaking programme in which we saw our online friends talking to them (many more years from the first chats to use, like Talkomatic or IRC) and now it can be said that WhatsApp is the queen of messaging apps. Its number of users is around 1,000 million people, the majority via smartphones, but there is also a web version that is very useful and convenient when we’re with the machine and we want to carry on the conversations without getting disconnected from the big screen.

If you haven’t done it yet and would like to know how the WhatsApp Platform works, here’s a guide to becoming a master.

What is WhatsApp Web?

WhatsApp Site is the Online equivalent of WhatsApp. This does not mean you need to build a new account, but you can connect the device to your mobile phone with this version, and you will have most of the functions on your computer screen for the application.

We say the majority because one hundred per cent of the behaviour that WhatsApp allows with the desktop version on the mobile version is not possible today. But in any case, if you need to use a keyboard and a large screen to connect with your friends and share files, whatsApp Web is more than enough to get out of trouble.

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